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CekFakta.com Strategy and Program Towards a Collaborative Fact-Checking in Indonesia

On May 5, 2018, the Indonesian Association of CyberMedia (AMSI), the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), and the Indonesian Anti Slander Society (Mafindo) launched CekFakta.com, the first collaborative fact-checking program in Indonesia.

What was the background of this collaboration? What factors help sustain this collaboration and keep it relevant to fact-checker communities in Indonesia? What strategies are used by CekFakta.com to break the wave of mis/disinformation in Indonesia, especially during sensitive periods such as the general election?

This playbook contains eight chapters that summarize how CekFakta.com has worked for the past three years. The first chapters tell the story behind the establishment of CekFakta.com, its work process, basic principles, the technological aspects that support this collaboration, the work program, up to its benefits to media members of the network.

This playbook is written as an answer to all of the public's curiosity about "what's cooking" in the kitchen of CekFakta.com. Hopefully, its story can inspire and guide anyone who wishes to learn about this initiative and is willing to replicate it in other parts of the world. Happy reading.